Monday, August 31, 2009

Capewood's Collection - Spring Training 2006

One more post featuring the Capewood's Collection Series. The difference this time is that these are all photographs I took myself at Spring Training in 2006.We saw three games, one of them at the Phillies' field at Lighthouse Field in Clearwater.
Mike Lieberthal. I love cards which feature players swinging where you can see the ball. I got lucky with this shot.
We saw these kids outside the park and they let me take their picture.
How'd this guy get in here? Yes, that's me sitting outside Mike Schmidt Field, one of the training fields at the Phillies complex. The Phillies were playing the Astros so I wore my Phillies jersey and my Astros cap.
Another game we saw was the Red Sox vs the Devil Rays in Tampa. Here's Terry Francona hitting some grounders for infield practice.
And we saw the Astros play the Braves at the Astros field. This is Astros broadcaster Milo Hamilton.
Although we didn't get to see the Yankees play we drove over to Legend's Field. We were able to see into a practice field from above where a coach was working with young pitchers. My friend (also a former Philadelphian) said "Isn't that Larry Bowa?". I followed the coach around with my zoom lens until he finally looked my way. Sure enough it was Bowa. We didn't know he was coaching for the Yankees that year. It almost looks like he could tell I was photographing him and wasn't happy about it.
At the Red Sox-Devil Ray's game, we saw Don Zimmer sitting alongside the Ray's dugout. He was, I think, a special assistant to the manager. This is on extreme zoom so it's not in great focus.
Josh Beckett was the starting pitcher for the Sox that day. Hardly any of the Red Sox regulars were at the park.
Here is a view of the Astros' field.
Roy Oswalt was the starting pitcher.
Burt Hooton was the Astros pitching coach that year. Not a great photo but you can read his uniform name.
Jeff Bagwell was trying to come back from off-season shoulder surgery. Here he is striking out in his last at bat of the game. The last time I saw Baggy play. He wisely decided to pack it in before the season started.

I have maybe 5-10 more photographs which will look good on a Capewood's Collection card. If I get the time to make them this week I'll post them later.

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These are great, Cliff. The Roy Oswalt looks classic.