Monday, August 3, 2009

2009 Allen & Ginter

I must be the last blogger to post 2009 Allen & Ginter cards. After fruitless weeks of waiting for a local big box store to get some blasters (are there 2009 A&G blasters?), I finally broke down and bought a hobby box on eBay. Yesterday I saw my first A&G locally, one of the Wal Marts near me has some loose packs. Hopefully y'all can stand to see a few more A&G cards. I'm gust going to hit the high points.The box topper was this Howard N43 card. This was a good start.
I got a few Phillies but Oswalt is the only Astro I got in the box.
One of the great things about your team winning the World Series is that there are some great baseball cards of your team the next year, like this Highlights Sketch card of Brad Lidge.
This was quite a surprise, a framed silk card of Albert Pujols numbered 1 of 10. I'd never seen one of these before. This was in addition to the three autos or relics the box was supposed to have.
Here's one of the relics. You can't go wrong with Ichiro. I also got a Jermaine Dye bat.
Here is the auto I got. This guy is apparently a winner on the "Survivor" TV show. I show I never watch. I'm not real happy with this card.
Here's a mini Vincent Van Gogh, looking to be about 12 years old.
There were 3 black bordered minis, including Geronimo.
This is a mini no-number card. I'd gotten one of these in a previous year. This year the cards are hand serial numbered.
My daughter was happy to see I got the Unicorn card.
There were two National Heroes cards, including El Cid.
And finally, I got two of the hoaxes cards. Being a big science fiction fan, I happy with this The War of the Worlds card, although I take exception with this being called a hoax. Although many people were fooled by the broadcast, there was no intent of a hoax.


night owl said...

Wow, you could get what you wanted for that Pujols silk card.

That Survivor auto card would be lost on me, too.

Unknown said...

Sigh.... So what would it take to trade for that dreamy Pujols card? Please, please e-mail me!!

MarieBay said...

That was me, previous comment... from A Cardboard Problem...

--David said...

FWIW, I haven't busted any 2009 a&g yet, but will be for the group break over at this weekend (hopefully). I cant wait to see what's in there!

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