Monday, August 24, 2009

2009 Topps Shortstop cards

Continuing with my position-by-position review of 2009 Topps cards. Today it's shortstops. I have 33 Topps cards portraying shortstops and not surprising, most of them (23) show the player in defense. 6 of the cards show the player batting and the other 4 running the bases. Derek Jeter, probably the most well-know shortstops is not included in this collection because I don't have his Topps card.Yunieskey Betancouet showing real effort here. I'm guessing he's digging for second.
Brandon Ryan ready to connect. I like cards of players batting which show the ball. And what about those stirrups?
Jose Reyes and, I'm guessing, Nick Evans executing some obscure defensive play. Does Jose always look this disheveled when he plays?
Yunel Escobar catches a pop up while Kelly Johnson averts his gaze. The contrast in pant leg lengths between these two players is striking. Are there no standards any more?
Hanley Ramirez starts a double play. The guy on the ground is Callix Crabbe of the Brewers. This is another card in which the play can probably be identified. Crabbe only had 48 at bats for the Brewers last year.
Edgar Renteria makes an acrobatic catch while maintaining contact with the ground.
Nothing special about the pose but I like the contast of Angel Berroa's orange sunglasses with the black background.


Anonymous said...

I think that's Ruben Gotay on Reyes' card. Terrible photo selection.

capewood said...

You could be right about Gotay on the Reyes card but that would make this a photo from the 2007 season. Gotay played for the Braves in 2008.