Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Capewood's Collection - Parallel Cards

The designers down at Capewood's Collection wanted to try some ideas for parallel cards. I said, why not. Here's what they came up with.The ever popular retro card.
Here's another popular parallel, the black and white image.
And of course, everyone loves a jersey card. The relic on this card is certified by a complete stranger to be an actual piece of cloth.
Linen finish cards are always a favorite.
This one is a bit different. We call it pewter embossed.
Here is an ultra rare Capewood's Collection Masterpiece parallel. Serial numbered to 10.
The Fun-House Mirror parallel. The designers were getting a bit out of hand.
Capewood's Collection Crystal. Only one was ever made. That's when I told the designers that enough is enough. As Donruss has shown on many occasions there is literally no end of the possible parallels.