Friday, January 2, 2015

Weird Photoshop Twins

Welcome to my first post of the new year. It's just a quick one.

We've all seen what I call Photoshop twin cards. That's where Topps uses Uses a photo from one card and Photoshops the player into another uniform for another card. This is most often done when the player has changed teams and a photo is not available of the player with his new team. Topps has been doing this for many years, back when air brushing was the tool of choice.

I was scanning cards from a recent repack box when I found this card.

2012 Topps Opening Day #24 Bruce Morrow

Compare to this card I already had:

2012 Topps #304 Bruce Morrow
Clearly the same photo is used for both cards. And clearly, Morrow is shown in a Blue Jays uniform in both cards. What possible reason could Topps have had to Photoshop Morrow into a different Blue Jays uniform for one of these cards?  Any thoughts? My guess is that the Opening Day card is the original as the cap in the Topps card looks a bit off. And what is that orange (red?) cap on the Topps card?

This was going to be a short post but after I finished it, the very next card I scanned was this.

2012 Topps Opening Day #150 Jose Bautista
 Compare to this:

2012 Topps #100 Jose Bautista
One card is an anomaly, two cards is a conspiracy.


Unknown said...

the black blue jays jerseys are the original photos. the blue jays switched logos back to the "retro" blue jays look. The orange-red cap is from one of the "patriotic" games that happens every year

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