Monday, January 26, 2015

My Reference Cards #10: Fleer Gamers and Fleer Mystique

Two Fleer sets from 2000 which I didn't like enough to buy much of.

Fleer Gamers

These weren't real expensive (a 5 card pack for $2.99) but I didn't really care for them. I have 15 cards from the 120 card set so I'm guessing I bought 3 packs. Math! The front of the card was a lot of embossed foil. The backs were glossy with a fair sized photo. The others aren't as goofy looking as the Mark Grace photo.

"Next Gamers" was a subset of prospects with a slightly different front design.

There weren't too many insert sets in Fleer Gamers and this is the only one I have.

"Fleer Gamers Determined" was a 15-card insert set. The front is glossy with holographic foil. I picked this one up at a card show in 2005 for $1.50.  There are only 5 other inserts : "Fleer Gamers Extra", "Fleer Gamers Cal to Greatness" (A 16-card set featuring highlights from Cal Ripken's career), "Fleer Gamer change the Game", "Fleer Gamers Lumber", and "Fleer Gamers "Signed Lumber". I haven't been interested enough to go after them.

Fleer Mystique
 These were pricey for the time, a 5-card pack cost $4.99. I think I bought 1 pack. I've pulled a couple of these from repacks. The front of the card has a high gloss and a holographic background. It looks like an attempt by Fleer at a Topps Finest kind of card. The backs also have a high gloss, a player head shot and full career stats. There were 175 cards in the set. Cards 126-175 were serial numbered (to 2,000) rookie cards. I don't have any of those. The cards really are about as dark as this scan.

There were 10 insert sets, including a parallel (Gold) and an autographed set (Fresh Ink). The only insert I have is this.

"High Praise" was a 10-card insert set. Very holographic on the front. Actually a nice looking card in person. I think I got this in the one pack I bought.

Coming up next will be 2000 Fleer Showcase.

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