Friday, January 23, 2015

Gum/wax Stains

Remember gum stains on Topps cards? I'm sure you younger players don't.

I started my collecting career with 1985 Topps. There's nothing special about this Gorman Thomas card, except for the stain on the back. Although my overactive imagination makes me believe that I can detect a faint aroma of 30-year-old gum on the back of this card, the stain is most likely due to wax from the wrapper. It's more than just a stain, there is actually a waxy feel to the stain.

Why did Topps package cards in waxed paper anyway?

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Paul Hadsall said...

I'd guess waxed paper was an economical, reasonably effective way of packaging cards back in the days when they were still a "fun" thing that kids flipped, put in bicycle spokes, etc.

It took the cardmakers a while to come up with something different when we all started looking for plastic sleeves and cardholders to keep our new acquisitions looking "perfect."