Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Game of Wallet Card

Everyone else seems to be doing it.

Baseball Card Breakdown started it with a post on January 2nd. It looks like over 30 bloggers are already in the game. It's pretty easy to play. Find a baseball card you like and have a duplicate of and put it in your wallet. Take it out once in awhile and blog what it looks like.

My wallet. Pretty typical wallet. Brown leather with spaces for money and cards. I've probably been using this wallet for over 10 years. When you get a wallet broken in so it's comfortable against your butt, you are reluctant to change.

Here's the card. Why this card? For one thing, it's Mike Schmidt, my favorite player. It was Schmidt's retirement year. It's a 1989 Upper Deck, one of my favorite sets. Also, I believe the guy holding the microphone is the late, great Phillies announcer Harry Kalas.

There goes the card in the wallet on January 5th.

Future posts to come.

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