Monday, November 16, 2015

The 1990s Baseball Card Face-off - 1994 Donruss vs 1998 Collector's Choice

I'm going to determine the best baseball card set from the 1990s. Check this post to see my methodology.

Here's where we were last week.

There are 2 match ups left in the Babe Ruth 2nd quartile. I'll get both of them done this week. Next week I'll try to run the Red, Green and Yellow levels so I can take a week off for Thanksgiving. My goal is to get the Babe Ruth 3rd Quartile done before Christmas.

1994 Donruss vs. 1998 Collector's Choice

1994 Donruss #27 Cecil Fielder

1994 Dunruss #185 Jeff Kent

1994 Donruss is one of the best Donruss sets from the 1990s, which pretty much means it's one of the best Donruss sets ever. It has full bleed action shots front and back with out too much gold foil. The photos are crisp and jump right out at you. The design isn't perfect. I don't really like the box with the team logo on the front and the gold foil lettering in the colored strip is a bit hard to read. I'd also like to see more stats on the back. Up to this point, Donruss always had at least the past 5 years of stats. They could have done that here. I do like the black box with the player's bio information. Nice and easy to read.

1998 Collector's Choice #217 Willie McGee

1998 Collector's Choice #295 Andy Benes

1998 was the fifth and last year for Collector's Choice. For reasons probably forgotten by everyone, Upper Deck dropped Collector's Choice in 1999 for a new set called UP Choice, which pretty much looked like Collector's Choice and served the same purpose. Anyway, after 5 years, Collector's Choice was getting a bit stale. The design had changed little, just some rearranging of the main elements. "Stumpy", the umpire figure on the back making his second and last appearance, was almost enough to stop buying this product after one pack. The set did have good photography and full career stats so was a good low cost choice for set collectors.

The Result: While there's nothing really bad about 1998 Collector's Choice (except for Stumpy), 1994 was an exception set so it goes forward.

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duaned99 said...

1994 Donruss isn't perfect, but it's my personal favorite Donruss set design. In my opinion 1994 Donruss looks better than 1998 Collector's Choice, even though it is four years older.