Monday, November 9, 2015

Favorite card from each team - 2015 Part 1

Much earlier in the season I made a post, here, about how cards were distributed among the various teams. I even made a chart! I concluded then that cards were distributed pretty randomly among the teams. I promised to make another post later in the season when I had more cards. Well this was going to be that post. The results aren't very interesting. I have 1,792 cards, just counting base cards (no parallels, no inserts, no autos, no relics). The number of cards per team varies from a low of 48 (White Sox) to a high of 79 (Yankees) with an average of 60 per team. The chart I could make would be boring beyond belief. So I'm convinced, that at least for 2015, the cards are distributed pretty randomly among the teams, even considering extra cards due to world series wins and awards.

So here's what I'm going to do instead. I'm going to pick my favorite base card from each team.

Oakland A's

I have 52 A's base cards (60 overall). I gotta go with Coco Crisp's magnificent and retro Afro.


55 Angel's base cards (76 overall). I like this in-your-face face-first slide.

Houston Astros

66 Astros base cards (98 overall). I went looking on eBay for Astros sets which inflated the amount a bit. The classic Astro's rainbow jerseys. The Astros gave their fans a lot to cheer about this year.

Toronto Blue Jays

61 base cards (70 overall). Marcus Stroman yelling from the dugout. Where is everybody else?

Atlanta Braves 

56 base cards (70 overall). Andrelton Simmons gets some air.

Milwaukee Brewers

51 base cards (60 overall). Matt Garza!

St. Louis Cardinals

67 base cards (109 overall, mainly due to the Stan Musial set I bought). Jason Heyward gets the tight close-up treatment.

Chicago Cubs
50 base cards (72 overall). Great outfield catch with Wrigley Field ivy in the background.

Arizona Diamondbacks

53 base cards (63 overall). I like how Ziegler's body position draws the eye up to the ball in the upper left.

Los Angles Dodgers

67 base cards (97 overall). A dramatic sky at 8:14 some night at Chavez Ravine.

San Francisco Giants

69 base cards (80 overall). Joe Panik flips the ball to Brandon Crawford while the Chevy logo looks on.

Cleveland Indians

58 Cards (64 overall). A classic Stadium Club photo.

Seattle Mariners

62 base cards (76 overall). Fernando Rodney pretty satisfied with himself.

Miami Marlins

50 base cards (64 overall). Dee Gordon at the ready.

New York Mets
71 base cards (83 overall).  Travis D’Arnaud fielding a bunt.

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That Swisher is SWEET!