Thursday, February 9, 2017

My 100,000th Card

The 2016 Topps Update Megabox yielded the 100,000 card in my collection. I had expected to pass this milestone with the 2017 Topps blaster I bought but there were too may duplicates in the box. With any farther ado, here it is.

Betts had a pretty good 2016. He hit for a .318 average and led the league in at bats (672) and total bases (359). He also hit 31 home runs, was an All-Star, won the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger awards and was 2nd runner-up for league MVP.

This was the second card from the second pack from the box. I already had more than half the set so usually opening more packs at that point yield a lot of duplicate cards. But I've opened 3 of the 5 packs with no dups so far. Just for fun, here's the rest of the pack.

A nice outfield action shot.

You don't see guys batting without helmets too often, but this is during the Home Run Derby. This is a subset of this set I could do without.

Hey, a gold card. And a Phillie no less.

I learned that Keith Urban was born in New Zealand from this card. Now I know 2 things about Keith Urban. The other is that he's a country singer.

The second Phillie card from the pack.

It looks like the catcher has the ball but can he get the tag down?

Another nice outfield catch. Nieuwenhuis came up in 2012 and hasn't had much of a career as yet. I haven't seen him on a card since his rookie year. He seems to have found some playing time with the Brewers.


Billy Kingsley said...

Congrats on the milestone! While I've crossed that mark in total cards, I'm still a couple of years away at least in a single sport.

night owl said...

I still don't know how many cards I have. I hope one day to know. My guess is I'll pass/or have passed 100,000 before I know I did it.