Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2016 Topps Update Chrome

While looking for 2017 Topps at Target I found a "Megabox" of 2016 Topps Update. I didn't really need any more of that product but there were 2 packs of Topps Update Chrome in the box, which I hadn't seen.

By the way, my dictionary defines "mega" as an adjective meaning very large or huge. This box only had 7 packs in it for a total of 48 cards. This is not even as many cards as are in a normal blaster.

The set is a 50-card parallel of 2016 Topps Update using the extra-sparkly Chrome finish Topps has used on the past several years of Update Chrome. I'm pretty happy with what I got. There were 4 base cards, 3 rookies and one insert.

Why the card numbers are prefixed with "HMT" is unknown to me. Topps didn't number last year's Update Chrome with a special prefix.

Here's one of the rookie cards. This looks pretty cool with the chrome effect.

Doug Fister is the only Astro in the set. He was 12-13 with the Astros last year in 32 starts.

Velasquez is one of three Phillies in the set. This is one of only 2 cards for which I also have the base Topps Update card.

It's clearly the same photo but the smoke pattern is different.

There are only 3 inserts in the set, and only one of them is a non-relic and therefore likely to be in the megabox.

Henderson not only got his 3,000 hit in 2001 with the Padres, he also set the career record with his 2,063rd walk. He has 2,190 walks for his career but has been passed by Barry Bonds who has 2,558. Here are the 2002 Topps cards commemorating Henderson's 2001 achievements, in real time, so to speak.

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