Monday, April 20, 2009

Weird Card File - 2005 Topps Team Photo Cards

Pictured below are the 2005 Topps Heritage and Topps Indians team cards. Without looking too close, you would probably agree that these cards have the same photo. The color balance is different, but if you look closely, each player is posed the same in both pictures.
But look a little closer. On the Topps card there is an extra guy in the back row, on the far right. Did they take the shot and everyone held their breath while this guy stepped into or out of the frame for a second shot? Or was he photoshopped out (or in)? If so, why? Does anybody know who this guy is.

Now look at the Red Sox team cards.

Again, the color balance is different but the Topps card has 3 more guys, one on right side of each row.

These are the only team cards where I have both the Topps Heritage and Topps versions. Did they do this on every team card?

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Wrigley Wax said...

I wonder if the fact that they put the player's names on the heritage cards has something to do with it?