Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Manny Ramires 2000 Pacific Prism Premier Date 33/61

After cataloging the cards I got from Jim at gcrl, I realized that I had a card from every set that Pacific had published in 2000, except for Pacific Prism. Pacific had really gotten into the parallel set game by this time and I had no problem locating any number of parallels to the base set on eBay. So I bid on a bunch of them. The only base set cards I could find was the Pirates team set (only four cards). I won this bid and several for the parallels I'd bid on.

I lose eBay bids all the time but rarely am I as surprised by the final price as I was for this card. Beckett would have you believe that this card is worth in the neighborhood of $15. I was willing to pay $4-$5 for it and figured I had a good shot at that. The bidding opened at $0.99 and I bid the minimum. This was back on April 21. It's been busy at work and busy at home so I wasn't paying much attention to the auction. I got a notice I'd been overbid but forgot to rebid. Today I got notice that the bidding was over and that the winning bid was $104.50! I was flabbergasted. Here's how the bidding went:

w***i US $104.50 Apr-28-09 17:00:20 PDT
a***r US $102.00 Apr-28-09 16:58:22 PDT
a***r US $66.00 Apr-28-09 16:48:49 PDT
w***i US $59.99 Apr-28-09 10:53:59 PDT
a***r US $55.00 Apr-28-09 16:48:40 PDT
w***i US $48.87 Apr-23-09 20:17:15 PDT
w***i US $31.40 Apr-22-09 08:01:14 PDT
m***6 US $15.00 Apr-26-09 10:49:55 PDT
m***6 US $8.00 Apr-26-09 10:49:37 PDT
a***a US $1.49 Apr-21-09 17:58:24 PDT
o***p US $1.04 Apr-21-09 18:21:06 PDT
Starting Price US $0.99 Apr-21-09 17:00:23 PDT

In the last 12 minutes of the auction, the bid went from $55.00 to $104.50 with only two people bidding. I guess w***i just wanted it more.

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dinged corners said...

? It will be interesting to see if this card comes back on auction because of an unpaying bidder or something.