Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bald Eagles in Philadelphia

I'm sitting here stuck in the Philadelphia airport waiting for some weather to clear so I can get back to Texas. Since we were going to be awhile I decided to pony up for some ATT Wireless Internet Connection. After putting in my credit card number I couldn't get the connection to work. I called them and they gave me a free connection! So here's a quick post of a highlight of our trip. Bald eagles nesting in Philadelphia.

I mostly grew up in Northeast Philly and a big feature of the area is Pennypack Park. The park runs down both sides of the Pennypack Creek which empties into the Delaware River. Sometime last summer, a pair of eagles set up a nest in the park near the river. The city has fenced in the entire area but allows foot traffic in. You can only get within about a 1000 feet. With the right camera you can get a pretty good picture. It was a gray day but I got a good shot.


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My aunt is an artist and a lot of her work is of subjects she has found in Pennypack Park.