Thursday, April 16, 2009

Phillies cards from Jim

Here are a bunch of Phillies cards from Jim at gclr . He sent me way too many to post or even list. Here are some of my favorites that I didn't have.

2000 Topps Gold Label Class 2 - Mike Leiberthal #67This was a nice set. The cards have a hard plastic finish. The Class 2 cards are like refractor cards.

2000 Upper Deck Legends Millennium Team - Mike Schmidt #3
An insert set to the Upper Deck Legends set. It has a refractive foil background and lots of silver foil. I had the Nolan Ryan from this set. Any Mike Schmidt cards are always welcome.

2001 Topps Reserve - Mike Lieberthal #94
I didn't have any cards from this set except for a couple of jersey card inserts.

2001 Upper Deck Reserve - Travis Lee #162
Another set I didn't have any cards from. Both Topps and Upper Deck put out a set called Reserve in 2001. I think I like the Topps card better. Travis Lee was so popular with the Phillies fans his nickname was "Travis Leave".

2001 Upper Deck Vintage - Bruce Chen #303
I think this set was Upper Deck's answer to Topps Heritage. But since in 2001, Upper Deck didn't have much of a heritage they had to invent a 'vintage' card design.

2002 Donruss Originals - Eric Junge #118
The Donruss answer to Topps Heritage. At least they had some history to draw on. I only have a few of these in my collection. In addition to the 1984 set, there were also cards with the 1982 and 1986 designs. There were probably other designs as well.

2002 Topps Archives Reserve - Robin Roberts #59
This set features reproductions of cards from previous years. Topps has not been shy about mining its long history for card designs. The Archive Reserve set was a refractor version of Topps Archive. Jim also sent me the Archives version of the Roberts card. Does anybody have any idea of how many card sets that Topps has issued with this 1952 design?

2002 Topps Ten - Jose Mesa #168
I had a couple of relic cards from this set but didn't understand the idea of the set. On the back of this card is a list of the top ten major league save leaders. Mesa was number 7. I guess there were cards for the top ten leaders in a number of stat categories. A pretty good theme idea for a set.

2003 Sweet Spot - Pat Burrell #52
This will go nicely with the only other card I have from this set which is Astro Roy Oswalt.

2003 Topps Opening Day Go The Distance
This is the back of one of these (Pat Burrell is on the front). Each pack of 2003 Opening Day came with one of these. The card is a miniature version of the Opening Day card (the picture has a gray background) with a trivia contest on the back. If you got the right answer you could mail it back to Topps for a chance at a fabulous prize (I don't remember what). You had to send it back one card to an envelope. I mailed a bunch of these back but didn't win a thing.

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