Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Fistfull of Pettittes

Another post from the package I got from Eric. He's an Andy Pettitte fan, as am I. He sent me an email in February asking me for a list of the Pettitte Astros cards I owned. So it wasn't a surprise when of the 7 Pettitte cards he included in the box, I didn't have any of them.

2006 Topps Heritage #2042006 is not my favorite year of Topps Heritage but I still like to have the cards of my favorite players. This looks like a spring training shot. Andy looks here like he's expecting a shaving cream pie in the face any second.

2006 Topps Opening Day #95
The difference between the Opening Day set and the Topps base set is blue foil instead of silver and the Opening Day logo. I now have 4 versions of this card including the Topps base, the Topps Astros Team set, and the Topps Chrome.

2006 Bowman Gold #182
I also have the base and the chrome versions.

2005 Ultimate Collection
This was an Upper Deck set of which I didn't have any cards. Thanks, Eric! Andy seems to have a beard thing going in this picture which I don't remember him having.

2005 Zenith Artist's Proof
Zenith was a mid-1990s set produced by Pinnacle. Donruss brought back this set in 2005. I bought a blaster box of this in 2005 which contained 35 cards. The set is very frustrating in that it has a bunch of parallel cards which aren't identified. This might also be the Museum Collection card but I have no reference to tell them apart. It's not the base card because of the foil printing. I already had a Craig Biggio of this.

2004 Playoff Prestige
One of the myriad of sets produced by Donruss/Playoff in the few years before they lost their baseball license.

2004 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red
This is a dangerous looking card from Donruss/Playoff, numbered to 100. You could draw blood with the shininess. I already had a base card and a Mirror White card (also numbered to 100). Now all I need is the Mirror Blue (numbered to 50), the Mirror Emerald (numbered to 5, fat chance of that) and the Mirror Gold (numbered to 25).

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