Thursday, April 23, 2009

2001 Fleer Platinum

This was supposed to be a Thursday Night at the Movies post. Last week we had a choice of either Duplicity or Knowing. Both had been in the theater for awhile but I thought that Knowing would go first. So we saw that last week. Wouldn't you know it, the theater pulled Duplicity first. There's nothing else playing we wanted to see. The Soloist opens tomorrow which we're looking forward to.

So here's a short post about one of the myriad of confusing sets that Fleer put out over the past 10 years or so of their existence. I got the following two cards in the big box of cards that Jim at gcrl sent me. You may notice right away that the design is from the Fleer 1981 set. Fleer Platinum ran a few years and used some past year of Fleer as the design.Notice that the second card has a different logo. Here's where the confusing part comes in.
The Lugo card is from Series 1, the Redding card is series 2. They changed the logo on the 2nd series. More confusion. The 1st series had 301 cards. Cards 210 to 300 and 501 to 601 were short printed but not serial numbered. Card 301 was an Albert Pujols card which was not only short printed but also serial numbered to 1500.

Then there was a parallel set, serial numbered to 201. The cards which are short prints in the base set are numbered to 21 in the parallel set. Card 301 does not exist in the parallel set. I've never seen any of the parallel set.

This kind of stuff is one reason I'm not a set collector.


--David said...

Amen to the 'not a set collector' route, though it makes it just as confusing for those of us that do teams... Yeesh.

Ben said...

That 81 Fleer design looks better now than it did in 1981.