Monday, April 6, 2009

Phorgotten Phillie Phile - Rocky Childress

This Phorgotten Phillie is a result of this 1988 Topps card send to me from John (The Pursuit of 80's(ness)) from England. John recently sent me a some Astros cards. I'll feature some more from John later.
Rocky was the Phillies 21st round draft pick in 1980. After 5 years in the minors he was called up in May of 1985. He appeard in 16 games for the Phillies in 1985, 33 innings, only 1 start. In 1986, he only appeared in 2 games. The Phillies sold him to the Astros after the 1986 season. With the Astros in 2 years he appeared in 43 games and compiled a 2-2 record. His last game was October 1, 1988.

I was wondering of Rocky was related to Ray Childress of Houston Oilers fame (and the owner of a large car dealership in the Houston area which recently closed its doors). They might be but I've concluded that they are not brothers. Rocky was born in 1962 in Santa Rosa California while Ray was born in October in Memphis Tennessee.
The only Phillies card I have of Rocky is this Tastykake card. Tastykake, for you non-Philadelphia natives are packaged pastries. They are not too available outside of Philly. I believe these cards were given out at the ballpark. They are about the size of postcards. Rocky's only other major league cards are 1988 Donruss (#554) and 1988 Fleer (#442).


Rod said...

Rocky Childress was from Bend, OR. We had some mutual friends so I watched him go through his career.

capewood said...

I, of course, mean no disrespect to Rocky, or any of the guys I have in this feature. In fact, it actually makes me a little sad to think about a ball player who gets into the majors (or even just the minors) and then doesn't make it. A little envious as well perhaps. I never had a lick of baseball talent so I could never do more than look on in wonder at those guys who had the talent.

Dan said...

Everytime I go back to my family's place in the Philly area, I have to take back with me a couple boxes of butterscotch krimpets. In CA, there's no snack that has quite the comfort as a good old Tastykake.