Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2009 A Piece of History

I paid $20 for a blaster box of this. There are 35 cards in the box. That works out to about 60 cents a card. I'm sorry but there's not much of value here. The cards look pretty much like last year's cards but the player photos are maybe 20% smaller. They've got gold foil this year and more of it.

This is the best card in the box.The only real star. I like Wright but he's not my favorite player by a long shot (sorry Lucy). The only card I got of a player I actually collect is this.
I collect Beckett but this is at best a 25 cent card (the Beckett catalog lists commons and minors from last year's set at 50 cents).

I got one Phillie card, Lou Marson (who?). This was among 5 rookie cards in the box).
And I got 8 Historical Moments cards. 22% of the cards in the box were not even baseball cards.
At least I did get my one in every box (on average) memorabilia card, making me 1 for 3 so far with Upper Deck this year. And look, Derrek Lee! OK, he's a pretty good player but is this what I paid $20 for? Derrek Lee jersey cards are going for less than 3 bucks on eBay.
I also got two parallel cards: an Adam Dunn blue (numbered to 199) and a Michael Young red (not numbered).

All in all, I think I dislike this product more than I did last year. Let's hope Upper Deck dumps it.


FanOfReds said...

As far as cheap relics go, that's a fairly nice card. The set itself doesn't do much for me though.

night owl said...

I would only buy a blaster of this stuff if it was the only box of cards in the store, there were no packs to be found anywhere, and they announced on television that there would be no cards sold within a 2-hour radius of where I live for the rest of the year.

Seriously. POH has got to go.

capewood said...

Mr. Owl, you pretty much established the conditions under which I would suggest buying this product. I wish I had spoke to you first. BTW, I've got two Dodgers for you from the set so now you have no reason to buy any.

night owl said...

Yay, thanks! (Principles go out the window when it involves Dodgers).

The Astros pile is building nicely. Wish it were larger, but some sets seem to be anti-Astro.

jacobmrley said...

I bought a hobby box of this, um, crap last year and was very very very (did i mention very) disappointed. I will be avoiding it like the plague this year (but will gladly accept any mets doubles any one has). You little preview shows it is just as, um, crappy as last year.