Monday, April 20, 2009

Upper Deck First Edition - Shafted by Upper Deck Again

The box makes two promises (or one promise and a semi-promise). First off there is this:
There were 4 Star Quest cards in a separate cellophane wrapper. Jeter, Matsuzaka, Berkman (one of only three Astros in the box) and Johan Santana. I really don't care for these cards but at least three of them were players I collect.

Here's the semi-promise. 1 bonus pack in every box! On average. Are you kidding me? A bonus pack on average? My box only had 10 packs. This is the second Upper Deck box in a row (the other was Spectrum) where I got shafted by the average.
What about the card selection? Pretty poor in my opinion. There were 90 non-Star Quest cards in the box. Should be 3-4 cards of each team in the box (on average, argh). I got two Astros and two Phillies. Of the other 88 cards, only 6 were players I collect. Since I collect a lot of players, this is a poor selection. 7 of the 14 Star Quest were collectible. At least I only paid $10 for the box.

I also bought a box of Upper Deck Artifacts. Less cards, more money. I'll post that tomorrow.

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