Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thorzil Group Break

Back in March, Thorzul announced another $5.00 group break (on now it was $5.25) of a bunch of cards he acquired. I missed the last one so decided to jump on this one. I ended up with 72 cards (only a few of which were duplicates). I needed 32 of the cards which I found quite acceptable. That's better odds then I get in a repack and all the cards were Phillies! I had expected a lot of junk but was happy to find mostly higher end cards and only a few were from the 90s. Three of the 90s cards were from my early 1990s want list. Here's a sampling of what I got.

2006 Topps Co-signers Chase Utley #20I only had two cards from the set, Lance Berkman and Pat Burrell. Now I've got 5. Lots of gold foil on these cards.

2008 Topps Moments and Milestones Ryan Howard #30
There were 6 Phillies from this set in the package, none of which I had. I had splurged last year and bought a hobby box of this set. I'm happy to get more Phillies from it.

2006 SP Authentic Pat Burrell #71
I'd only acquired my first card from this set (Andy Pettitte as an Astro) in December. Now I have two.

2006 Sweet Spot Jimmy Rollins #65
I think I had bought two packs of this in 2006 and had gotten 2 Phillies. But I didn't have J-Roll.

2006 Sweet Spot Update Ryan Howard #71
I had bought one 6-card pack of this in 2006 for $10. No Phillies or Astros in the pack.

2009 Topps Turkey Red Shane Victorino #32
I hadn't pulled any Phillies from the Turkey Red so far this year.

2003 Topps Gallery HOF Edition Refractor Jim Bunning #69
I also got the base card version. I didn't have any of either of these. The shininess and refractive goodness of this card doesn't come through on the scan.


night owl said...

Some key cards there -- I like the Bunning card. Most of them were similar to what I got from that break, but the Bunning is a key exception.

deal said...

nice stuff. I love Thorzul's Budget Breaks.