Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Baseball Card Windup - What I bought in 2013 Part 4

Continuing to share 2013 cards going into my Reference Album. A couple of Panini sets today.

Hometown Heroes

I only bought 3 packs of this product. I wish I'd bought more. Some of these I shared earlier.

Base cards

One of only two Puig cards I have. I imagine his cards will be everywhere next year.

If a set features former players, as well as current and rookie players, I'll generally include one of them in the Reference Album.


There are only 2 parallel sets, States and Zip Codes. I pulled one of the Zip Code cards. You'll understand the name immediately.


Although Kaline's nickname is Mr. Tiger, he was born in Baltimore. This is a parallel. I guess the regular card looks like this but without a black border. There is also a Gold parallel.

The Hometown Heroes Nicknames insert. Hopefully the other cards feature players with more interesting nicknames, then just a play on their name.

Panini Cooperstown

I bought some of this product last year and liked it. I'm not as fond of this year's set.

Base cards


The Green Crystal parallel. The Crystal parallels also come in Black, Blue, Gold, and Red.

The finish on these looks a lot like the Bowman Platinum parallels.

Then there are a few parallels with just different colored borders: Orange, Blue and Red. Here's the Orange.

The Panini Cooperstown Historic Tickets insert

The Panini Cooperstown Induction insert.

And, finally, the last insert from this set I have, the Panini Cooperstown International Play.

More Panini next time, with Panini Golden Age.

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