Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013 Baseball Card Windup - What I bought in 2013 Part 2

Continuing to share 2013 cards going into my Reference Album.

Bowman Chrome

Bowman Chrome features the same design as Bowman but with a shiny finish.

One of only two Puig cards I pulled this year. No question that he's going into my Reference Album.


This is the base refractor card. Lots of parallel refractor cards: Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Magenta, Orange, Purple, Red. X-Fractors, and Superfractors. I only bought one blaster of Bowman Chrome so I didn't get too many of these.

I only pulled two X-Fractor cards but luckily I got a base and a rookie.


Something new from Bowman Chrome this year, mini refractors.

Another mini card, this is a Bowman Chrome Rising Through The Ranks Mini.

Of course, there are Chrome Prospect cards. And in multiple flavors.
The Blues are serial numbered to 250.
X-Fractor. I'd love to know how they achieve this effect.

All the Bowman sets this year had an insert called "The Best Player sof All Time". I featured these in a recent post so I'll only show the one I pulled from Bowman.

There was another cross-set insert called Bowman Black which I haven't seen. Apparently it's only available in hobby boxes, which I haven't bought.

There are three more Bowman sets in 2013, Bowman Draft Picks, Bowman Inception and Bowman Platinum. Of these, I only have Bowman Platinum which is coming up next.

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