Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2013 Baseball Card Windup - What I bought in 2013 Part 3

Continuing to share 2013 cards going into my Reference Album.

Bowman Platinum

I bought a blaster and a rack pack. These cards are pricey at $0.67/card.
 In a scan, these cards look a bit like Bowman Chrome Refractors, but Topps achieves this with a different technique.
The only subset is the rookie card.


There are 3 parallels, Gold, Ruby and Sapphire. I have all three, although I had to go out on eBay form the Michael Young card.

This is another interesting effect that I'd like to how is done.


A Bowman Platinum Cutting Edge Stars insert featuring Raul Mondesi's son. He played in single A Lexington this year. This is an intricately die-cut card.

Bowman Platinum Diamonds In the Rough insert.

It would be a Bowman set with out a Prospects Insert, again with multiple parallels,

The Chrome Prospect Refractor. This has a finish similar to Bowman Chrome Refractors. These also come in Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, Red, Atomic, Platinum Ice, Superfractors and X-Fractors.

Only available in a rack pack, which is why I bought one.

Bowman Platinum Top Prospects insert. I pulled three of these and hadn't heard of any of the players before.

Next up will be some Panini cards, Hometown Heroes and Panini Cooperstown.

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Weston DeShon said...

I'd be interested in that Valera you've got there. Email me at if you'd be interested in trading. Thanks!