Monday, November 3, 2008

Bonsai - Lemon Tree

I've had this lemon tree for about 5 years. It was a Father's Day present from my oldest son's girlfriend. It has been growing in this plastic pot out on the back porch ever since. It's been pretty unruly but has had a lot of stamina. It gets 6-7 lemons a year, mostly about the size of marbles. This year it actually got two which approached the size of small lemons. Some thing had to be done, it couldn't stay in the pot much longer. So I decided to bonsai it.

Here it is after trimming. You can maybe see how root bound it is in the pot.
I was surprised to find out that there were actually 2 plants in the pot. Here they are after the preliminary root trimming. I'll had to do some more trimming before I could get it into the pot.
After potting. The soil is special bonsai soil I got on eBay. It's very dry. The soil doesn't allow much water to hold up in the pot. Root rot can be a problem for bonsai plants if you give them too much water.
I always like to put down a layer of small decorative stones on top of the soil. This serves two purposes. One, it looks nicer than the soil. It also protects the soil. It doesn't get too disturbed during watering and doesn't blow away when it gets dry.

Now for the patience part of bonsai. There isn't anything I can do now besides watering and feeding it to make it grow. It's either going to grow or not. I'd hate to lose this one since I've had the plant so long. This will be an outside bonsai. I think its a good time to start an outside plant down here as it isn't so hot as summer and the sun doesn't dry out the soil so much.


Anonymous said...

Did they survive?

capewood said...

Yes, and it is doing very well. Click on the Bonsai label and look for a post from early MArch to see a more recent picture.

Anonymous said...

What is the best
Bonsai Trees
for a beginner like myself as I'm new to this and want it to be successful?

capewood said...

Look in the library for books on bonsai. You might want to buy an already established plant at a nursery or plant store. Look for some kind of ficus. The plant in my banner is a willow ficus. I suggest a ficus because they are pretty tolerant of abuse. A reason to buy one before you try to start your own is to see if you've got the temperament. These plants take a lot of care and patience.