Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Night at the Movies - Hellboy II The Golden Army

When the first Hellboy movie came out in 2004, I wasn't too interested. I didn't know the comic book, and I guess the trailers didn't do anything for me. But, one weekend at the Blockbuster, when I was having trouble finding just one movie I wanted to watch, I picked up Hellboy.

Although today I can't really remember much about the movie, I do remember that I liked it and that it was fun. So I was looking forward to Hellboy II.

You can already feel where this is going can't you? That's right, I was disappointed by II. A movie, with a plot like this one, can either be fun or grim. I think they were trying for fun and ended up with grim. I'm not going to give you any pspoilers but, also, this is the sort of movie that you pretty much know how it's going to end. After all, they surely want a franchise here, so the movie isn't going to end up with the world's population mostly dead and the rest enslaved by evil elves, is it? Especially not when they're trying for a fun movie. So between the beginning of the movie and the ending you already know, they have to make it interesting, they have to make you care about the characters, they have to give you at least a little suspense. Well, they don't. So that's the other problem, it's dull. Grim and dull, I can hardly think of anything worse, unless it also had Rob Schneider in it, which, thankfully, it doesn't.

I give it 1.5 capes (out of 5).

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Anonymous said...

Hellboy is dependably fun; for sure that director has an amazing imagination, reminded me alot of his work in Pan's Labyrinth