Monday, March 18, 2013

Random Cards from My Collection #41

The random machine threw up a lot of Astros this time.

Card #1582
2001 Studio #68 Richard Hidalgo
Comments on the card: An OK design for 2001 but very similar to prior years. I think the brand was getting a bit stale.
When acquired: Don't know
How acquired:  Don't know
Player's season: Doggy was an inconsistent player. In 2000, he hit .314 with 44 home runs. In 2001, he only hit .275 with 19 home runs.

Card #2266
2004 Ultra #55 Alex Rodriguez
Comments on the card: Typical Ultra design. Good action shot of A-Rod.
When acquired: 2005
How acquired:  Paid $.38/card for repack containing card packs
Player's season: In the last year of a 4-year $22 million/year contract, the Rangers traded Rodriguez to the Yankees in February 2004 for Alfonso Soriano. The Yankees turned around and gave him an even bigger contract after the 2004 season.

Card #35453
1991 Fleer Team Logo Stickers

Comments on the card: Topps had gum, Donruss had puzzle pieces, Fleer had team logo stickers. Some cards had one large sticker
When acquired: 2012
How acquired: Acquired during the 2012 Great Summer Clearance Trade, although I'm not sure why.

Card #20685
 1991 Donruss #156 Glenn Wilson
Comments on the card: The last of the odd designs from Donruss from the middle of the 1980s. The second series was green. The card backs hadn't changes for years.
When acquired: 2010
How acquired:  Acquired during the 2010 Great Summer Clearance Trade. I don't really collect Astros from prior to 1995 but people send them anyway. 
Player's season: Glenbo spent 1991 in the minors with the Braves but only appeared 29 games. He didn't play at all in 1992, but was back in the majors with the Pirates for 10 games in 1993.

Card #34670
2012 Topps Allen & Ginter #130 Madison Bumgarner
Comments on the card: Allen & Ginter card fronts have gotten a little busy in the past few years. This design seems a bit too similar to 2012 Gypsy Queen
When acquired: 2012
How acquired:  Paid $0.42/card for a 180-card hobby box on ebay. 
Player's season: Bumgarner was 16-11 in 2012, as the Giants cruised to another World Series title.

Card #12988
2007 Topps #297 Brad Ausmus
Comments on the card: Yet another card from the dreadful 2007 Topps set. As much as I hate this set I sure have a lot of them.
When acquired: 2009
How acquired:  Trade with Thorzil Will Rule blog
Player's season: Ausmus, mainly known as a great defensive catcher, stole 6 bases for the Astros in 2007, including the 100th of his career. Only 20 other catchers have stolen 100 bases.

Card #21799
2001 Topps #523 Marlon Anderson
Comments on the card:  2001 was among only a few years when the Topps flagship brand didn't have white borders. I rather like this set.
When acquired: 2001
How acquired:  Paid $0.15/card for a Series 2 hobby box on ebay.
Player's season: Anderson had about the best season of his career in 2001, hitting .293 with 11 home runs. He was 4th in the league for putouts at second with 270 and 3rd for assists with 387 but he was also second in the league at the position with 12 errors.

Card #22489
2003 Topps 205 Tim Salmon
Comments on the card:  Topps 205 had 6 different designs. 4 were variations on this design, one was a plain front with a head shot and facsimile signature and a 6th, separate design for rookies.
When acquired: 2010
How acquired:  Paid $0.39/card for a hobby box on ebay.
Player's season: 2003 was Tim's last full year before knee and rotator cuff surgeries ended his career.

Card #23617
1999 Bowman #225 Ken Caminiti
Comments on the card:  1999 was the third straight year that Bowman would feature a black and red design. And the second year featuring facsimile signatures. The design trend continued through the 2011 set.
When acquired: Don't know
How acquired:  Don't know
Player's season: After 4 years with the Padres, Caminiti came back to the Astros as a free agent for 1999 and 2000. He was injured for much of this time.

Card #23714
2000 Bowman #290 Carlos E. Hernandez
Comments on the card:  Bowman used the black and red theme for established players. Rookie cards featured blue instead of red.
When acquired: September 2000. In those days, Bowman came out pretty late in the season.
How acquired:  Paid $0.23/card for a hobby box on ebay.
Player's season: Carlos had been signed by the Astros in 1997 and didn't get called up until 2001. He spent 4 years (one injured) with the Astros as a started, compiling a 9-8 record.

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