Saturday, July 25, 2015

Newest Astro - Scott Kazmir

Scott Kazmir was traded by the A's on Thursday to the Astros. He met the Astros in Kansas City on Friday morning and started against the Royals that night. He threw 7 scoreless innings and the Astros beat the Royals 4-0.

Kazmir was the Mets first round draft pick in 2002. He was pretty successful with the Rays and the Angels from 2004-2010.  Nagging injuries finally ended with his being released by the Angels in 2011. He then fell about as far as you can fall in organized baseball, to the independent minor league team the Sugarland Skeeters. Sugarland is a small town outside Houston Texas so at least he was close to home.

But he worked his way back to a 10-9 record with the Indians in 2013 and then a 15-9 record with the A's in 2014 plus a berth on the All-Star team.

He was 5-5 with the A's so far this year with a good ERA of 2.38. The Astros got him for 2 single A minor leaguers. 

The Astros slipped some just before the All-Star break, losing 8 games of a 10-game road trip. But they've been strong since the break, going 6-1.

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