Tuesday, July 14, 2015

2015 Topps Series 2

There's never much to talk about when Topps releases Series 2. The design doesn't change so we're left with the photos themselves and the inserts. I'm not going to post anything about Series 2 inserts. In a set that was already overloaded with inserts, Series 2 adds a bunch more.  It's not just the quantity that bugs me. Most of the inserts are uninspired and printed much too dark. One of them "Heart of the Order", might as well have been called "Heart of Darkness".

So let's look at some cards just for the photos.

2015 Topps #685 Yangervis Solarte
This is a great card. Not just because it's an action shot but because it captures a moment in time that encapsulates one of the things baseball is all about - catching the ball. Look at the concentration on Solarte's face as he tracks the ball while diving and getting his glove in position. In reality this play, from the time it leaves the bat until it's in the fielder's glove takes maybe a second of time, far too short a time to really see what happened.

2015 Topps #651 Andrelton Simmons
Body fully extended and completely off the ground, Simmons makes an ice cream cone catch.

2015 Topps #406 Jon Lester
Press conference action! I only show this because in past years, Topps has often used photos like this as a short-print alternative card. Apparently not this time, which is why I have it.

2015 Topps #604 Jordan Schafer
Not a home-run saving catch but extra bases for sure. Those Twins fans got a good view of this play.

2015 Topps #614 Jordan Walden
Although this is something that happens hundreds of times in every baseball game you don't often see cards featuring a pitcher getting a sign from the catcher. Perhaps because it's kind of a boring photo.

2015 Topps #461 Mike Moustakas

 I'm not sure the padding on the rail is going to help much.

2015 Topps #516 Lorenzo Cain
Another fully extended flying ice cream cone catch. And look how dirty his uniform is.

2015 Topps #627 Jason Grilli
Just happy to be there and part of the team.

2015 Topps #518 Rajai Davis
This looks more like an infield play where you expect the fielder to jump up throwing.

2015 Topps #477 Dallas Keuchel
After many years of terribleness, the Astros have been exciting the first half of this season. Keuchel has been a big part of that. Going into the All-Star Break, Keuchel, who will be on the All-Star team, is 11-4 with an ERA of 2.23. He leads the league in games started with 19 and innings pitched at 137.1. He also has 2 shutouts.

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Marcus said...

That Yangervis Solarte card is my favorite to come out from Topps flagship this year. It's probably not even close.