Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2015 Stadium Club - The Base Cards

The hobby box of Stadium Club that I bought had 16 packs with 8 cards/pack. The box promised 2 on-card autos per box and one insert or parallel per pack. I got the 2 autos and 16 inserts and parallels (maybe the autos didn't count toward the 1-per-pack promise). That leaves 110 base cards of the 300 in the set. I didn't pull any duplicates so I've got a bit better than 1/3 of the set. I probably won't be trying to complete the set but it's a good start if I was.

Here are some of my favorite cards from the box.

#238 Roberto Alomar
Levitating infielders! Does it get better than this? Question: Where is the ball? Is it in his glove or did he manage to throw it to first base while in midair?

#210 George Brett
 I love cards featuring players signing autographs. But considering that Brett was a well-know joker, I suspect that this photo was staged. I'm showing the back of this card to point out that the back photos are not just static head-shots.

#54 Bip Roberts
I only pulled one copy of this card so I can't really say I was bipped.

#22 Ivan Rodriguez
This would be a stunning photo if it was real. The absence of players on the field suggests to me that this photo was also staged.

#164 Carlton Fisk
Fisk and his good buddy Tom Seaver. Thier careers overlapped on the White Sox in 1984-1986.

#53 Chipper Jones
I used to play fantasy baseball back roughly from 1985 to 1993, before it became a big craze. The first time I ever heard of Chipper Jones was at our annual draft, in what must have been 1991. After the regular draft was over, we could pick players from the minor leagues to be on our reserve team (sort of like a 40-man roster). If such a player was called up to the majors, he could be added to your team with little cost. One of our owners drafted Chipper Jones, whom none of the rest of had heard of.

#175 Drew Stubbs
Earlier this year I saw something like this happen after an Astro's game. The lady field reporter interviewing the player saw it coming and jumped back about 2 feet to avoid getting doused.

#215 Adam Jones
Is he laughing or looking to murder someone?

#17 Jacoby Ellsbury
Not that Ellsbury isn't a good player but this sort of photo needs some Yankee god like Lou Gehrig or Mickey Mantle.

#1 Fernando Valenzuela
Everybody loved Fernando and his mania.

#117 Lenny Dykstra
This isn't one of my favorite cards from the set, nor is it the best 2015 Dykstra card I have. His Topps Archives is better. Dykstra was a well-known not very nice guy as a player but most fans only really cared about what he did on the field. Now Dykstra is a convicted felon and the depths of his not-niceness are well know. He's apparently out of Federal prison but maybe he's not the best subject for a baseball card.

#155 Nick Swisher
For some reason I always think a photo like this, of a batter swinging in a sea or infield dirt, as a Stadium Club kind of card.

#64 Brett Gardner
 It's hard to tell from the photo if Gardner caught this ball or not. But look at the row of people in the seats. Five women in the front row. The lady in the middle is like "Bring it too me", the other four are cringing.


Fuji said...

Love this product so much. The Swisher is sweet... and in reference to the Gardner... I'm surprised that none of those ladies brought a glove to the game.

Daniel Wilson said...

Love the George Brett photo! It was originally in a National Geographic magazine and inspired Lorde's song Royals.