Thursday, July 16, 2015

2015 Stadium Club - Parallels and Inserts

This year's Stadium Club, unlike this year's Topps, has a reasonable number of parallels and inserts. Not so many that you can't get a good sample of them and enough to keep up interest while you're opening packs. Also, not so many that the packs are so filled with non-base cards that hopes for completing the base set are diminished.

2015 Stadium Club Gold Foil #226 Dennis Eckersley
Who wouldn't want a giant replicate of their own head? I pulled 6 gold foil cards. On my first pass through the cards I missed most of them because they are a bit hard to differentiate from the silver foil base cards.

2015 Stadium Club Foilboard Danny Santana
I pulled one of these. They are numbered to 25.

2015 Stadium Club Black Foil Jose Fernandez
What's not to smile about when you're in the dugout of a major league baseball team? I pulled 2 of these.

2015 Stadium Club Contact Sheet #1 Mike Trout
 I pulled 2 cards of this 25-card set.

Stadium Club Contact Sheet Orange Foil
 I also pulled one of the so-called Orange Foil versions, numbered to 25. I say so-called because the orange words on the front don't look like foil to me. I got 2 serial-numbered cards in the box, both were 17/25.

2015 Stadium Club True Colors Miguel Cabrera
Another 25-card insert. This one reminds me of Stadium Club Chrome. How 'bout a partial parallel Chrome set like they do with Heritage?

2015 Stadium Club True Colors Refractor Ryan Braun
It's pretty hard to tell in the scan but I'm pretty sure this is the Refractor version. I had to closely compare this to the Cabrera card to tell. There's no indication on the back. They are a little harder to pull (1:46 packs compared to 1:16 packs) but not an impossible pull.

Stadium Club Triumvirates Luminous Yader Molina
This is a return insert from last year. There are 30 players in the set. Each set of three cards fit together like a puzzle. Trying to complete this set would be tough as the cards are inserted 1:16 packs, so therefore, one per hobby box.

2015 Stadium Club Legends Die-Cuts #8 Randy Johnson
These crazy die-cut cards a tough to scan properly. Another tough set to get. There are only 10 cards but average 1 per hobby box.

2015 Stadium Club Autographs
Two second year players that I'm not too excited about. It wouldn't break the bank to buy them on eBay. I'm willing to trade for someone I was excited about, like and Astro or Phillie.

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Fuji said...

Those True Colors inserts look cool. Gonna need to see if Gwynn is in it.