Monday, March 24, 2014

Random Cards from My Collection #59

Card #37056
2013 Topps Emerald Foil #248 Colby Lewis

Comments on the card: I think I make a joke about baseball in The Matrix every time I post one of these cards.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.27/card for a blaster box from WalMart in January 2013.

Card #27738
2011 Topps Walmart All-Black #303 Luke French
Comments on the card: Everybody was pretty excited about this parallel when it first appeared in 2010. Not so much in 2011.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.22/card for a blaster box from WalMart in June 2011. Note cards were 5 cents cheaper in 2011 than in 2013.

Card #35394
1991 Ultra #397 Gregg Jefferies Checklist

Comments on the card: From the first year of Ultra. Considered a premium card then, even without gloss or gold foil. identifies the player as Jefferies.
How/When acquired: Don't know, but probably I probably got this in a repack.

Card #35127
2006 Hero Deck Phillies
Comments on the card: Each card of the 52-card deck features a different Phillie from through the team's history.
How/When acquired: I bought the deck in a sporting goods store in Philadelphia in 2010.

Card #2420
2004 Topps #345 Jim Thome/Richie Sexson/Javy Lopez
Comments on the card: I like the way the back of this card is laid out.
How/When acquired: $0.26 in June 2004.

Card #12062
1996 Pacific October Moments #1 Ken Griffey Jr.
Comments on the card: This card is from a 20-card insert to 1996 Pacific. The cards were inserted 1 in 37 packs, so it was a pretty tough pull. Lots of gold foil.
How/When acquired: I got this on eBay for $3.74 in March 2009.

Card #2808
2002 Fleer Tradition #161 Brad Ausmus
Comments on the card: If the design looks familiar it's because it's based on 1934 Goudey. Not familiar with that, well think 2008 Upper Deck Goudey. Fleer had used the Goudey name a few times in the early 2000's so apparently it owned rights to the name and design. I've often wondered how modern day card companies got the rights to old time card names and designs. Upper Deck acquired it when they bought Fleer in 2007.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.12/card for a hobby box of Fleer Tradition in February 2003.

Card #4697
2005 Classic Clippings MLB Game Worn Jersey Collection #31 Omar Vazquel
Comments on the card: This is from a 72 card relic insert to 2005 Classic Clippings, a Fleer product. It's a piece of an Indians jersey worn by Vizquel. He actually played for the Giants in 2005, hence the Giants logo.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.32/card for a blaster box of Classic Clippings in May 2005. From back in the day when you could actually get relic cards in a blaster box.

Card #25350
2011 Topps Opening Day #181 Josh Beckett
Comments on the card: Topps cheaper set, parallel to Topps.
How/When acquired: Paid $0.13 for a blaster box in March 2011. Note it's 9 cents cheaper than the 2011 Topps Walmart card above.

Card #9268
1989 Score Rookie/Traded #70 John Kruk
Comments on the card: Kruk came to the Phillies in June 1989, soon enough to get photos of him as a Phillie in the Fleer, Score and Topps update sets.
How/When acquired: Don't know.

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Can't believe you have all the cost data !

I like the Griffey and the Omar !