Friday, March 28, 2014

2014 Topps Opening Day - The Inserts

I bought a single blaster box of Topps Opening Day, and 5 lose packs, which is more than enough. I'm not going to post any base cards because you already know what they look like. In case you don't, they look just like Topps base cards except the silver swoosh and player's name are just gray instead of silver foil and the logo is white instead of silver foil. And there is the Opening Day logo added.  The Opening Day base set includes the Rookies and All-Star Rookie Cup subsets, as well as the new Future Stars subset.

The box cost $9.99 and had 8 packs (advertised as a 7-pack box with one extra pack). Wow, and extra pack!  Not a bad price. Although I generally like insert cards, Topps has increased the number of insert cards this year and they sure put a lot of them in a box. I pulled a total of 22 insert cards from the 15 packs. If you were a set collector (which I'm not) this would be maddening.

Baseballcardpedia says the packs have 7 cards including one insert. I did way better than that, pulling 22 inserts from 15 packs.

There are relics and autos in the set but the odds are low of every seeing on if you buy only one box.

Topps Opening Day Blue
Topps has had the blue parallel since 2010, like last year they made it a foil backed card. The cards are serial numbered to 2014. They don't seem to hard to get, I pulled 5 from the box.

Topps Opening Day Breaking Out
One of the new inserts. They just as easily could have called this "Freaking Out". There are 15 of these and I got 3.

Topps Opening Day Mascots
Mascots has been around for awhile. Interesting they should compare Gapper to the Phillie Phanatic. Gapper was designed by David Raymond, the man who was the original Phillie Phanatic. The Reds have 4 mascots and according to Wikipedia, Gapper is the lease favorite, getting only 6% in a recent poll.

Topps Opening Day Fired Up
The other new insert. Also could be called "Freaking Out". There are 25 of these and I pulled 4, including 2 of the Pence.

Topps Opening Day Stars
This is also a long-running insert. Although it's impossible to tell from the scan, I think the 3D effect is more eye-popping this year. I pulled 3 of this 25-card insert set.

Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations
I also pulled 3 of this returning insert set.

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