Monday, March 3, 2014

My first 1951 Bowman card

Just a short post today.

There is a small card show that appears every couple of months near where I live. I went to the most recent show, last weekend. When I say small, I mean about 15 dealers. It's pretty much the same dealers each time too, so I don't see too much new there anymore. This show was smaller than most, only 5 dealers. I got some decent stuff from 2 of them. The one guy recognizes me and usually has a few Phillie items for me to look at. One of them was this:

A 1951 Bowman card. I have a few 1950 and 1952 Bowman, but this is my first from 1951. It doesn't look too bad from the front, the color is good with some light creasing. It's pretty well centered as well. The corners are a bit soft but not rounded off. The back, however, has seen some hard times.

It's been written on and was once apparently pasted into an album. The white mark on the bottom right is paper stuck on the surface.

He asked me for whatever I thought was fair so I offered him $5. He agreed. There are a few of these on eBay. Judging by what is there, I probably paid about the right amount.


JediJeff said...

I'd pay a fiver for that. Decent quality and worth the price.

Play at the Plate said...

I'd buy that for a five too.

Fuji said...

I never appreciated this set until I held one in my hands. Early Bowman cards are pretty flippin' awesome! Nice pickup.