Thursday, March 6, 2014

Crusin' Records

Here's something a little different. In the early 1990's a company got the bright idea to put out a series of records featuring recreations of radio shows from the '50s. The covers featured Peggy and Eddie through the ages. The concept eventually ended up a a 16 record series following Peggie and Eddie and the music up through 1970. I own several of these on LP, and picked up "Cruisin' 1964" and "Cruisin' 1965" on CD over the weekend. I thought it would be fun if I could find all the covers and make a post out of it.

Each record consists of a 'recreation' of a radio show of a specific DJ, using songs of the year, jingles, station promos, ads and the like. If you're of a certain age (meaning, old like me) these are a lot of fun.

Cruisin' 1955
Featuring 'Jumpin' George Oxford, KSAN, San Francisco
We first meet Eddie and Peggy as young high school students at the public library. Eddie is glancing out the window at a bright red Thunderbird. The girl behind the counter is Genevieve, whom we'll meet later.

Featuring Robin Seymour, WKMH, Detroit
Eddie's turned from a fresh young kid into something of a hood. Peggy is still interested.

Featuring Joe Niagra, WIBG, Philadelphia
"No sweat, hey!" a more clean cut Eddie says. He's still the bad boy. I grew up in Philadelphia. Joe Niagra was a long time DJ there.

Featuring Jack Carney, WIL, St. Louis
In the past year, Eddie seems to have grown up a bit.  Peggy just wants to play tennis. I figure it's Eddie's last summer before college. Note that gasoline was 19 cents a gallon.

Featuring Hunter Hancock, KGFJ, Los Angeles
Along with fuzzy dice, a note of seriousness enters into the covers. I'm not quite sure what Peggy means by "Not at a time like this".

Featuring Dick Bionid, WKBW, Buffalo
Did Eddie go in the Army? We will never know. It's apparent however that he and Peggy have grown apart.

Featuring Arnie Ginsburg, WMEX, Boston
Eddie and Peggy are apparently back together. Things don't seem to be going well. The covers always did a good job with conveying something of the times in the background. Note the newspaper headline.

Featuring Russ (Weird Beard) Knight, KLIF, Dallas
Eddie appears to have been radicalized while Peggy just wants to have fun. The bearded dude is Luther, who will appear on later covers.

Featuring B. Mitchell Reed, WMCA, New York
More radicalization for Eddie. What is it that's more important? The book on the table seems to be "Another Country" by James Baldwin. One of the subjects of this book (according to Wikipedia) was bisexuality. Is this a clue?  Note that Luther is in the background wailing away.

Featuring Johnny Holiday, WHK Cleveland
Luther and Eddie, featuring a fiery beard, are now roommates. Luther seems more interested in smoking dope than social issues. Note the newspaper clipping "Miss Peggy Harrison to wed Kevin Buchannon III".

This is one of the CDs I just bought. My favorite ad is for Khan's Wieners. Johnny Holiday reads the copy and enthusiastically declares that "Kahn's Weiners are not only delicious, but digestible too!"

Featuring Robert W. Morgan, KHJ, Los Angeles
The lovely Genevieve makes a reappearance, working in a new and used book store. If you look real close you'll see that Luther is the bottom artist on the campus concerts poster in the back ground.

Featuring Pat O'Day, KJR, Seattle
Eddie's lost the beard but his social consciousness appears intact.

Featuring Dr. Don Rose, WQXI, Atlanta
Genevieve is back, looking groovier than ever. She's apparently holding an LP by Luthor. Yes, Eddie, why so uptight?

Featuring Johnny Dark, WCAO, Baltimore
Yikes, in the middle of a Vietnam War protest, Eddie runs into Peggy, wearing an incomprehensible hairdo. "Widows for Peace"?  Apparently Kevin Buchannon III met a bad end. Why didn't Eddie go to Vietnam? Maybe having been drafted all the way back in 1959 had something to do with it.

Featuring Harv Moore "The Boy Next Door", Washington DC
We're in the home stretch. Peggy has an even more incomprehensible hairdo. Eddie looks buff and hopes to make partner. I guess he's only interested in #1 now. I'm not quite sure what the marquee outside the window is supposed to mean. Are they on a honeymoon? Their honeymoon suite has a framed photo of Nixon on the wall?

Featuring Kris Stevens, WLS, Chicago
Eddie's talking to some fat cat about that "student thing up as Kent State".  Hoping to get part of the litigation?  Meanwhile, Peg is going to get another 'lesson' from Mike.

I guess we'll never know what happened to Eddie and Peggy. My guess is that they got into EST and straightened out their marriage for awhile. Eddie probably made partner during the Reagan years. Peggy had a couple of kids (a boy and a girl) who went to the best schools. Eddie got rich during the dot com era but lost it all in the bust. Peggy left him and moved into a commune in Wisconsin. The kids, never comfortable with their parents, are living on opposite coasts. Eddie made it big in housing but lost it all again when in the housing bubble burst. At a Tea Party rally in 2008 in the mid-west, Eddie and Peggy ran into each other again. Today, Eddie is 73 and barley scraping along on Social Security. Peggy, at 72, is in a home with Alzheimer's.

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