Monday, March 17, 2014

2014 MBL Teeny Mates

So I went into a local Target yesterday looking for 2014 Topps Heritage. No luck. But I did see this display.
To the right was a display of Hobbit Chibis (unless you have a daughter who's into Japanese you probably don't know what a Chibi is, so here's a link). Next to that were Walking Dead Chibis (seriously).

If you're a self respecting baseball card collector, who couldn't find what he was looking for and you saw this display of Teeny Mates, what would you do? I don't know what you would do, but, at the urging of my anime-loving daughter, I bought two packs.

Here's what I got.

They are about 1 inch tall and cute as a button. Even so, since I got the Phillie, I won't be buying any more. If anyone out there in blogland has the Astro figure, I'll trade one of the other three for it.

In the meantime, my box of 2014 Donruss arrived on Saturday. It's time to get to work on it.

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Richard Nebe Jr. said...

I hate finding Phillies on your blog cause I know I can't get em!! Curious, which two figures came together?
Don't have the Astro's figure yet, (Texas and Cleveland are my only dupes so far) but I'll keep you in mind if I get one... I'd be interested in the puzzle pieces if you don't want/need them...