Friday, March 7, 2014

1998 Flair Showcase Wave of the Future

Here's another one-card post of a card I got at the card show last weekend. It is seriously one of, if not the, weirdest card I own.

The card is made of clear acetate and inclosed in a sort of over sleeve of plastic, sealed all the way around. Look closely (you may want to click on the card to enlarge it) on the right side of the card. See what look like bubbles raising up from the Flair Showcase logo?  Well those are actual bubbles. See what look like sparkles along the top and bottom edges?

The sealed plastic sleeve is filled with, believe it or not, vegetable oil and sparkles, as put it "in an attempt to mimic ocean waves". 

I mainly picked it up because it is a bit smaller than a regular card and the sealed over sleeve made it unusual. As I was cataloging it and preparing to scan it, I noticed that the card was squishy. That's not the way any baseball card I ever bought felt.

Here's the back:

You can see the sparkles a bit better. I assume that at one time the sparkles were suspended in the oil and distributed evenly. Now they've all gathered at the top and bottom of the card and they don't want to move.

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The Junior Junkie said...

I picked up the Helton as soon as I found out about these things. It's a lot more rigid than I was expecting, too. Pretty neat. WIsh there was a Griffey, but still pretty neat.

I wonder if any burst in packs...?