Monday, March 10, 2014

2014 Topps - let's look at some cards

Last week a did a technical review of 2014 Topps. Let's look at some of the cards I have. I've bought 1 blaster from Target, 1 blaster from WalMart and some packs at Toys R Us. All so I could get the various parallel cards (obsessive, I'm not).  All I've got scanned so far are the cards from Toys R Us.

2014 Topps #18 Jurickson Profar
This is a good example of how tightly some of these cards are cropped. I really like the framing on this card.

2014 Topps #97 Alex Gordon
Gordon keeps his eye on the ball, even after he hits it.

2014 Topps #121 Franklin Gutierrez
Gutierrez keeps his eye on the ball.

2014 Topps #132 Henderson Alvarez
Where's Alvarez? This is a checklist card.

2014 Topps #172 Rickie Weeks
One of my favorite types of cards. Not as closely cropped as the Profar card but still nicely framed.

2014 Topps #75 Garrett Jones
Handling a ground ball just like he learned to do in Little League.

2014 Topps #210 Jose Altuve
Another good play at second base card.

2014 Topps #225 Brian McCann
A good view of a play at the plate.

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