Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014 Topps Heritage - Finally

What we don't do for our hobby. I was driving to a local Target this afternoon, when this happened.

Yeah, that's my car being towed out of a ditch near my home. I was on a busy 55 mph two lane street, when a woman, with cell phone to ear, pulled out of a side street from my left. I saw her just in time to say "Oh, sh*t". She got me on the driver's side rear tire, and spun me completely around. I ended up on the shoulder with the front of the car pointed into the ditch. I'm OK. I've got some aches on my left side from the side curtain air bag. Man, it felt like someone hit me with a cinder block. There's not too much body damage but the wheel doesn't look good.  The other drive appeared unhurt. She freely admitted to me and the nice policeman who finally showed up that it was all her fault. Several eyewitnesses, including 3 people in the car right behind me and the guy who lives in the corner house agreed, it was all her fault. I love this car and hope it is repairable.

My daughter and I went out for dinner later and she was nice enough to visit the near by Walmart with me. Success!

More to come.


Richard Nebe Jr. said...

Glad you are unhurt. Damn cel-phones!! Do yourself a favor and pop a couple aspirin before bed tonight. You will be sore tomorrow!! Hope your car can be fixed, but, it can be replaced whereas you cannot be replaced.

night owl said...

You have the best "I found Heritage" story ever.

Small consolation, but thought I'd let you know.

Nachos Grande said...

Glad you are (mostly) alright! I hope the Heritage has something extra nice in it for you!

Nathan Bell said...

Glad to hear you're OK! Also happy to hear that Ms. cell phone took full responsibility. Enjoy your pack!

Ryan H said...

I'm glad you're OK! This is a bit creepy but I almost had the same thing happen to me and my wife yesterday.

We were on our way to Target (of all places) to pick up some storage containers that were on sale. We were crossing a busy 45 mph street in here Hyundai Elantra. As we are crossing, a Ford F-150 comes flying through the intersection on a red light in front of us missing our front end by about a foot or 2. She was also on the phone!

We were quite shaken up. We didn't get hit like you did but it scared the crap out of us. I didn't mean to hijack your post with my story, but with the eerily similar circumstances, I had to share.

Hackenbush said...

Glad you're OK. People just don't get it. It's illegal in Illinois. My wife and I used to stand on the corner of a main thoroughfare on the north side of Chicago waiting for a bus and watch the cars go by. It seemed like about one in ten drivers were on their phones.