Monday, July 20, 2009

Trade with Dinged Corners

Earlier in the year I had suggested to several other bloggers a trade where I would save 2009 cards of their favorite team for them in exchange for either Phillies or Astros cards. I set up this deal with 4 bloggers, 2 for Astros and 2 for Phillies. The first deal is done with Patricia over at Dinged Corners. Mets for her, Phillies for me. I threw in some older Mets cards which I hope she likes as much as the older Phillies cards she threw in for me. For me, the key 2009 card she sent was this Topps Mike Schmidt. This is one of the short printed alternative cards in the 2009 Topps set. I tried to buy this a couple of times on eBay without success.I was also happy to receive the other 2009 cards but some of the older cards I really love. Like this 2007 Bowman Heritage short print of Chase Utley. I already had the regular edition card. For those of you who don't know, the short print cards are missing the facsimile signature.
Then there was this 2008 Upper Deck Goudey Ryan Howard. Also a short print.
The following card is a 2008 Bowman Prospects Chrome card of Chance Chapman. I already had this card but its a great looking card. Chance is 4-1 so far this year with the AA Reading Phillies.
Pacific started out mainly producing cards for the Spanish speaking market but by the early 2000s were producing a great many mainstream sets. They had also gone serial numbered parallel crazy. This card is a 2001 Pacific Premier Date numbered to 36 of Kevin Jordan, a utility infielder with the Phillies. The card features Jordan in a scrum with Larry Walker of the Rockies. Walker is a player I collect so this card gets double points with me.
Jordan was the last member of the potential 1995 Phillies all Kevin infield. If they had wished the Phillies could have had Kevin Stocker at shortstop, Kevin Jordan at 2nd, Kevin Sefcik at 3rd and Kevin Flora at 1st. Flora was actually a center fielder but it would have been a good stunt.

This next card is another one I had but it features a smiling Jim Eisenreich. Jim was always one of my favorite mid-1990s Phillies.
And finally we come to this, a 1993 Cracker Jack Anniversary card of Grover Cleveland Alexander.
I'd never even heard of these before. The 24-card set was available in specially marked Cracker Jack boxes in 1993. It's a tiny card, the gray border is the size of a normal card. You can click on it to see it better.

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