Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 Topps 1st Basemen Cards

I have 33 2009 Topps cards where the player is identified as a first baseman. 21 of the cards feature the player batting, the othe 13 show him on defense. Oddly, none of the cards feature the player running the bases or doing something else (like posing, sitting in the dugout, or whatever).
Prince Fielder using both hands fielding the ball, just like he learned in Little League.
James Loney holding the runner close.
Conor Jackson stretching to catch the Topps logo while keeping his foot on the bag as the runner slides in head first. Is it ever a good idea to slide into first base?
Carlos Pena making a good catch.
The most acrobatic play of a first baseman featured. Ross Gload makes a flying catch. I assume he caught it since his glove is closed.
Mark Sweeney looks like he knows what pitch is coming and can't wait for it.
Billy Butler watches it fly.
Nick Johnson looks to have gotten all of it.
My favorite batting card is when the ball and bat are visible in the photo. Casey Kotchman is a vision of concentration as he tracks the ball.
Mark Teixeira looks to be huffing and puffing as he breaks out of the box.


night owl said...

I can't think of logical reason to slide into first base.

Also, everytime I see someone slide head-first into home plate it makes me cringe. Seems unnecessarily dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of logical reason to slide into first base.
Thanks for sharing this......

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