Friday, July 24, 2009

1990s Phillies Want List

I've seen other bloggers use Google documents for their want lists so I decided to do it myself. It was pretty easy to set up the document., once I had it prepared. The hard part was to figure out all the 1990s Phillies cards and get them into a spreadsheet. There were a bunch of them. Here's what a small part of the spreadsheet looks like.Here's how I did this. I started with a list of each year's Phillies that I got on Then I searched on for each player for each year. Tedious for sure. I've also included Reading Phillies (the Phillies AA club) and the Scranton/Wilkes-Berry Red Barons (their AAA club) in the list. The spreadsheet has 10 tabs, one for each year 1990-1999. Loading the spreadsheet to Google was simple and providing a link to the spreadsheet was also simple. You'll see a new link to the right to 1990s Phillies. This is just the Phillies I need.

I know there are other Phillies collectors out there who might be interested in getting my full list of 1990s Phillies. I'm willing to trade for it. I'll email you a full copy of the list for any 15 Phillies cards that I need.


Jim said...

I did something similar a few years ago by painstakingly scrolling through one of the Standard Catalogs of Baseball Cards and compiling my '90s Phillies lists. It may sound strange, but part of the fun of collecting is compiling the wantlists!

Tom said...

I use when I need to compile a team set list. Very easy to find what cards were put out since they are listed by team.

capewood said...

Tom, thanks for the tip. is pretty good but he doesn't include many insert sets or parallel sets. So it's not as comprehensive as I was trying to be.