Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Night at the Movies - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

We decided to skip this during the opening week just because we don't like standing in lines. The theater this evening was about half full.

My wife and daughter are big fans of the books. I've read the first few books, after seeing the movies, but my Harry Potter experience has mostly been through the movies. My daughter is boycotting this movie as she did the last because what she's read about the movie didn't fit with the books she loves. This is the 6th movie. I enjoyed the first 3 but had problems with them as movies. To me, there was way too much exposition in the movies and not enough story. I liked the last two the best as they had the best stories. A lot of the home life, shopping for new school stuff, the train ride to school and other stuff like this had been pared way back. I will admit that I like the whole concept of the stories, that there is magic in the world of which we mere mortals know nothing.

This movie acknowledges that the characters are getting older and turning into randy teenagers. There's a whole lot of snogging going on but its relatively discreet and provides most of the lighter moments in the movie. The main story concerns some, presumably evil, task given by the Dark Lord to Malfoy. The animosity between Potter and Malfoy seemed pretty important in the early movies, but the Malfoy character has diminished in importance as the series has progressed, even though, in this movie, he is given the task which leads to the climax of the movie.

I did not like this installment as much as the last two. Again, there isn't enough story. The climax of the movie seems to have been too easily accomplished and I don't really believe it's true. The movie very much feels like a bridge between the 5th movie and the final 2. I think that the climax is supposed to set up the conflict in the final movies but it felt more like an afterthought than a defining moment. And I was disappointed in the grand revelation - the identity of the Half-Blood Prince. My response was "So what, what's so important about the Half-Blood Prince"?

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