Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Star Trek Cereal

My wife, daughter and I were grocery shopping the other day when I saw this on the shelf.
I said, "Can we buy this please, pretty please?" "OK, but just one box", my wife said. My daughter bravely offered to eat the cereal for me. This stuff can't be good for you. Artificially colored artificial marshmallows shaped like Star Trek badges and little sugar coated swirly wheat things. There were no goodies in the box other than the cereal itself. There are some games on the back.
The first game is a flow chart in which you chose your path to see what Star Trek career you would have. Mine led directly to Engineer. Did I ever mention that I was an engineer? The second is a maze through "linked pods". The instructions aren't real clear but the maze isn't difficult. I think this product is aimed at kids not me.

Boxes of this cereal are up on eBay for a low as $6. Some are asking up to $50.

I already have most of the Star Trek badges offered in other Kellogg's cereal.

Maybe some day I'll share my Star Trek MicroMachines collection.

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Captain Canuck said...

NO prize? they put that out with NO prize in it?