Thursday, June 8, 2017

30-Day Baseball Card Challenge Day 4

Day 4: A rookie card of one of your favorite players.

The obvious card here would be Mike Schmidt's rookie card but this would be the answer for several of the days, so I'm gonna hold it for now.

Besides the Phillies, my favorite team is the Astros and my favorite Astro (from even before I moved to Houston) is Jeff Bagwell, finally elected to the Hall of Fame.

1991 Stadium Club Members Only #11


Wax Pack Gods said...

Hey Capewood ... didn't realize you were doing the 30 DC. Welcome to the party! I've been working around the Schmidt rookie, too. As you say, that card could dominate the list if I let it.

Bagwell is a good choice, and I actually considered his 1991 UD for one of my days. Maybe next time around.


Fuji said...

Cool card. I didn't realize Bagwell had a card in the Member's Only set. Gonna need to grab one of these for my binder.

Ian said...

Thanks great postt