Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Night at the Movies - Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

There haven't been many movies lately in the theaters we've wanted to see. But between now and Christmas there are a few we want to see but probably won't have time. We kicked off the holiday movie season with the new Sherlock Holmes movie. We all liked the first movie in the series and the trailers for this release looked pretty good.

It is not a real great movie but if you liked first one, you'll most likely like this one. The story is confusing, at best, and not very original. I really didn't like Downey's portrayal of Holmes in the first movie and don't much care for it here either. If you haven't seen the first movie, the opening scene will be meaningless. If you didn't see the first movie, or didn't like the first movie, I'd stay away from this.

There are some good set action pieces, although I'm a bit tired of the slow-mo in these scenes. The scenes where Holmes plays the outcome of his actions in his head were even more confusing than in the first movie.

If they make a third movie they should feature quite a bit more of Dr. Watson's (Jude Law) new wife (Kelly Reilly). She was engaging in what little they gave her to do. She was apparently in the first movie but I don't remember her.

The end of the movie takes place in an improbable castle built on the side of an improbably mountain with an improbable waterfall gushing out of it. If you've read the Sherlock Holmes stories, you can guess what's going to happen as soon as you see the waterfall.

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