Friday, August 14, 2015

Walking Trivia Question

Yesterday I posted about a recent repack. I'm already working on another. One thing I like to do with baseball cards, especially players I don't know, is to look them up on and Wikipedia to learn something about the player. Once in awhile I can get a good blog post from the information.

Here is a guy who is the answer to 5 baseball trivia questions.

Who replaced Joe Torre at 3rd base for the Cardinals?

Who appeared in his only All-Star Game, in 1980, as a replacement for an injured Mike Schmidt?

Who set a National League record in 1980 by committing only 8 errors (in 150 games played)?

Who hit a 2-run homer tying a Mets-Cardinals game in the ninth, a game then went on to 25 innings before being won by the Cardinals?

Who holds the record for most career plate appearances (5079) among non-catchers who finished their careers with fewer walks than times he grounded into a double play? This last one is kind of esoteric. I'm not even sure what it signifies.

I got all of this from his Wikipedia entry and make no claims to it's validity. 

It was Ken Reitz!

1982 Fleer #602


Tony L. said...

It looks like Fleer cut him out of a picture and put him in the bowels of a stadium.

Fuji said...

Love the things I learn from sports card blogs, baseball reference, and wikipedia!