Friday, August 21, 2015

The 1990s Baseball Cards Face-Off - Which Set is the Best, continued

Check this post to see my methodology, such as it is. This is going to be a long term.

I my last post we were working our way down the the first round of the Babe Ruth Division;

1998 E-X 2001 and 1993 Flair had advanced to the Red Round. Let's see which of 1998 Pacific Omega or 1995 Ultra has the stuff.

1998 Pacific Omega was a 250 card set in a horizontal format. The front and back is glossy. The front is divided by baseball stitches into 3 sections with player photos in the 2 left portions. The right side is foil with the middle image laser etched into the foil. The back has a player head shot, a short bio and the previous year's stats.

1995 Ultra is a 450 card set issued in 2 series. The cards are vertically oriented and are glossy and full bleed printed front and back. The front featured gold foil logos and multiple colored foils for the team logo and player name. The colored foil came in red, blue, silver and gold. It there was a rhyme or reason for the choice of what color foil was used for each player, it wasn't obvious to me.

The results: Although I'm not a fan of any year of Ultra, I'm giving this match-up to 1995 Ultra. The Pacific Omega card is a good example of 1990s excess. The front is not unattractive but it's just too much stuff going on. The baseball stitches take over the front. At least they weren't embossed. And I don't know what color that is on the back but it's horrible.

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night owl said...

The Pacific Omega cards are a disaster. Horizontal, ugly colors, multiple images in case your senses haven't been assaulted enough. Thank goodness you eliminated it.

capewood said...

1999 was even worse.