Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New source of cards for future repacks found

Hey, fellow card collectors, how would you like to stumble upon this?

According to this story, this long abandoned pile of sports cards could be worth $1 Million!

Here's a key sentence in the story "While only estimated to be individually worth between 99 cents and $5.99, the collective haul of hundreds of cases would potentially fetch millions if ever put on the market".

The stash was found in an abandoned warehouse in Detroit.

Here's a photo of the mess on the floor.

I don't know about the hockey cards but those 1989 Topps cards are worth less than nothing.  Read the story, there are a couple more photos. Apparently the location is only known to a few, and one guy claims that selling cards from this pile is his primary source of income.


Brian said...

I suppose the uncut sheets might be worth more than nothing, but it does seem like pallets of late 80s cards were left behind for a reason...

Fuji said...

Gotta admit... it'd be pretty cool to stumble across cases and cases of unwanted boxes of baseball cards (even if it's a bunch of 1989 Topps).